Dec 26

Plantain AKA PR Chips!

I was recently in South America (Colombia to be exact) and one of the many delicious treats I had while traveling was homemade plantain chips.  I don’t know if it was the freshness of the plantains, being that most of the fruit comes from Colombia, or the fact that I enjoyed them while training in a gym high up in the hills of  paradise in Medellin, but they were AMAZING! I have not yet been able to recreate the perfection of what are fondly called “coaching chips” by the staff there, named for the way they lend themselves to a yummy paleo snack while coaching.  But every batch I have made since my return to the States has been delish, and I have fondly taken to calling them “PR chips” as they have fueled multiple PR’s since I have returned State side.


Plantain(s)- I have been making larger batches with a couple at a time, but you can make as many or as few as you’d like!

Coconut oil- a few Tablespoons, depending on how many plantains you are cooking)

Salt & Chili Powder- really, any seasoning you’d like!  For a sweeter chip, try cinnamon.

Plantains are carried in most grocery stores, usually near the bananas. They are often sold very green, but will quickly ripen left on a counter for a few days.

Plantains turn yellow then black as they ripen.

The rule of thumb is that the greener they are, the more they mimic a potato in flavor/consistency, and the more ripe (yellow/black) the more they act like a banana, turning sweeter and softer.  For chips, I prefer them yellow, but not so ripe they are super sweet. To each his own though, so play around with different ripeness and see what you like. I’d stay away from very green ones.

Start by putting a frying pan over medium-high heat and dropping a few spoonfuls of coconut oil in to the pan.  You should have enough oil to coat the entire bottom of the pan.

Cut one tip off of the plantain, then make an incision in the skin along the entire length of the fruit.  Next, slice the “chips” from the fruit. The thinner you make them , the crunchier and more chip like they will be. Try and make the slices a consistent thickness though so that they cook evenly. Leaving the skin on makes it easier to slice these thinly without smooshing the chips.

Frying up some noms!

The oil should be hot now, so turn it down to medium. Start peeling the skin off of each chip using the incision you made in the skin to get them started.  Once they are peeled, drop them in the oil, making sure they don’t overlap. Watch them carefully, the more ripe/sweeter they are the faster they will caramelize and then burn.  I swoosh the oil around to coat them evenly, and flip them once they are a nice dark brown on the bottom. Once you have browned both sides, use a perforated spatula to drain them and scoop them into a bowl.  Lightly coat with the seasonings of your choice and voila!  Eat them hot and crispy, and then go set some PRs!

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