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Mar 27

14.5 Tips and Tricks

Wow!  What an exciting workout announcement. Was anyone else blown away watching the showdown between Sam Briggs and Rich Froning? Such a close one! 14.5 is here, a classic couplet of thrusters and burpees. Doesn’t get anymore CrossFit than that! As the last Open workout, some of you may be going into this one thinking, …

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Sep 12

Did You See Her Snatch!?

Christmas Abbott, a competitive weightlifter and top level CrossFitter goes for a snatch PR at the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regional.

Today’s post is dedicated to the women of weightlifting (WoW)! A sport that historically has been dominated by men (women’s weightlifting wasn’t contested in the Olympics until 2000), and in general is not covered much by the media has limited the endorsement of females in the sport.  In the last five years CrossFit has certainly …

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Aug 09

Only the Strong Survive


I’ve been thinking about starting this site for years.  I’ve talked about it with friends, mentioned it to clients, and written about 100 posts over and over again in my mind. But every time I sat down to write, I couldn’t seem to get my thoughts down.  Call it writers block, analysis paralysis, or laziness. …

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